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Tantric Massage Practitioners Training Level 1

August 17th - 21st N.IRELAND

by Nerea Carryon

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Welcome to a transformative 5-day journey delving into the art of full-body healing Tantric Massage, elevating your energy awareness through Kundalini, breathing exercises, movement, meditation, sound, touch, emotional release, and the power of loving presence.

Liberate your multi-orgasmic potential, fostering deeper connections with yourself, your partner, and your clients. Together, we will create a profound spiritual experience.

Join us as we pass on this ancient knowledge, awakening your innate potential as a healer.

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Blaney Spa

& Yoga Center

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of the wild Irish nature and the enchanting, sacred landscape in the west of N.Ireland.

Indulge in an unforgettable experience as you find solace in the serene ambiance of Retreat Centre's beautiful renovated traditional Irish cottages with an incredible lake.

Unwind and relax in the hot tub and sauna.

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WHO is this

training for?

For Professional & Private Use

Whether you're seeking to enhance your professional practice or explore the realms of self-love, empowerment, wisdom, and pleasure in your personal life, this training is designed for you. It's not just a training; it's a way of life.


Ideal for bodyworkers, massage and energy therapists, facilitators, and coaches, this training allows you to deepen your existing knowledge gained from any of Nerea’s trainings or elsewhere, and put your learnings into practice.


This is for anyone who needs sexual or body healing, anyone curious to deepen and bring more energy awareness into their work and lives; anyone curious to explore touch; refresh knowledge and acquire new tools.


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  • Immerse into an intimate gathering, where breathing techniques, heart meditations, kundalini activation, inner dance, shadow work, tantric shamanic arts and emotional release will lead us into our deepest selves.
  • Discover & develop your own unique healing gift.
  • Soften into and enhance your body wisdom, intuition, sensitivity, perception and trust.
  • Engage in extensive practical training to refine your techniques.
  • Acquire essential theoretical knowledge on nervous system regulation and the primary energy channels.

During liberate you will...

  • Initiate your multi-orgasmic potential, leading to deeper connection to you, your partner or your clients, creating a deep spiritual experience together.
  • Cultivate the art of facilitating the healing process with deep loving presence.
  • Explore breath, sound, movement, touch, and energy.
  • Enhance sexual energy, how to use it, and become more comfortable with yours and others sexuality.
  • Learn core practical tips for harmonious session: client selection, boundaries, resourcing, aftercare.
  • Energy massage, including Yoni and Lingam.
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  • Increase energy perception and body micro movement readings in others bodies.
  • Enhance awareness of how to touch others consciously.
  • Learn how to read and understand your partner or/and client's needs.
  • Remove any touch and intimacy blockages you may have in your body.
  • Tap into different techniques to give and receive touch.
  • Explore various ways of activating energy through different parts of the body.
  • Practice energy sublimation through breathing exercises & techniques.
  • Go deep into your work with a refreshed inspiration.
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The foundation of this work is consent

This work is teaching you fundamentally how to more and more feel and trust what is right for you and or your client/partner, and how to process and communicate about it compassionately.

You do only what's RIGHT for you in every moment,

you NEVER do anything you don’t want to do.

Opening into touch and connection with the entire body including areas like the genitals as well as welcoming sexual energy; this is the invitation of the training.

We are bringing back the innocence to our sexuality, integrating all of our body parts with love. As a foundation and liberation, we are bringing acceptance to them in new-ancient truthful ways.

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We are also working with non-partnering between giver and receiver during the massages. This means the massage is "for" the receiver. Any arousal felt by the giver is not added into the message, they do not involve their desires (beyond serving the highest good of the receiver). The receiver does not include the giver in their arousal. They do not grab them into the experience. Erotic touch is only from giver to receiver.

This means it is not a romantic experience and keeps the boundaries very clear which deeply supports safety. There are other ways to work but this is the one that resonates for us for this training.

When you are safe - love blossoms. Love is our nature.

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Energy awareness:

We will focus on the energy in us, around us and in others. How we perceive it, how it affects us, how it changes us, how it guides and heals us.

- Increasing energy awareness through play

- Using breath, sound & movement for expansion of consciousness

- Nude Ritual

Self healing and sacred touch:

Understanding your own body will give you most of the tools you need to understand another body. This module will bring us back to ourselves, and will allow us to start bringing some sacred touch skills into the space.

- Self-healing Ritual

- Emotional release tools

- Before and after the sessions best practices

- Full body massage structure, types of touch and importance of the flow

Full body touch and sexual energy awakening:

Here we will be working with the wheel of consent, and other tools to awaken our sexual energy to support healing, and open creativity.

- 9 new types of touch

- Yoni & Lingam initiation massage

- Energy sublimation and sexual awakening

- Shame Circle Ritual

- Nudity Museum

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Certificate & Manual for Professional Use

Upon completion, you'll receive a certificate of accomplishment and a comprehensive manual, empowering you to integrate your new skills into your personal or professional practice.

Participation requirements

To make the most of this training, it's essential to be comfortable with nudity and engaging in intimate work with different massage partners. If you come as a couple, you're welcome to work together. However, from a practitioner's perspective, it's recommended to work with as many diverse partners as possible to gain a broader range of experience and practice.


All genders/non-genders are warmly welcomed to join.

*Please Note: Our intention is to maintain an approximate balance of yonis (vulva) and lingams (penis) of participants during the training.

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Each day of the training offers a rich mix of activities, including sharing circles, meditation, embodiment practices, massage, and theory.

Practices start at 10am of each day, slight variations might occur depending on the group's needs. Regular breaks and a flexible lunch schedule ensure everyone's well-being and comfort throughout the sessions.


All delicious vegetarian meals are included in the price. If you have any other dietary requirements please let us know in the registration form.

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venue & accommodation

Beautiful retreat venue in the N.Ireland.

We are delighted to be hosted by this retreat centre with an airy studio, under-floor heating, sauna and hot tub, staying in beautifully renovated traditional Irish cottages with modern comfort and rustic charm - kitchen, dining and living room in each cottage, all surrounded by wild natural landscape, overlooking Fermanagh's lakelands.

To cater to your individual needs, we offer 2 prices for the privacy of a single occupancy room or the camaraderie of shared accommodations with only 2-3 beds. Some rooms come with en-suites facilities, and availability for these coveted spaces is on a first come first served basis.

To secure your preference, we recommend

booking as soon as possible

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The Facilitator

- Nerea Carryon

Soul-Aligning Tantra Facilitator; NLP International Certified Coach; Guiding Transformation, Healing, Intimate Liberation. Dancer.

Nerea Carryon is a facilitator with over a decade of experience conducting workshops, retreats, and talks worldwide, focusing on supporting individuals self-esteem, freedom, and communication skills.

Four years ago, she underwent a transformative journey as a Tantric Priestess Facilitator in Thailand. Since then, she has organised and led Tantric Retreats in various countries, including Thailand, Portugal, and Ireland, guiding individuals in the art of pleasure and a more accepting and free life.

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"Nerea is so special. She exudes pure presence! Her capacity for holding space and moving energy leaves me speechless. Not for one second did I feel her being absent or unfocused. Nothing can scare this woman! She is open, gentle, powerful, and professional."

- Inga

“Nerea is a wonderful healer, coach and runs powerful workshops. I've been privileged to experience all three, and count on and trust her as a wise and deeply insightful person. Don't go to her unless you're ready to be fully authentic and heal with your whole being.”

- Matthew

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per person

We offer a range of prices based on your financial situation. As well as discounts for our family (Nerea’s event previous attendees), friends or couples coming together, assistant price and payment plans.

We kindly request your honesty in determining what you can afford, while also honouring the value of this transformative work.

If you are unsure which option to choose, please don't hesitate to reach out to us for guidance.

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please select the price most suitable for you

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Single Occupancy Accommodation


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Shared Accommodation

2-3 People


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If you have attended

level 1 before


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Single Occupancy Accommodation


Until April 15th
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Shared Accommodation

2-3 People


Until April 15th
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£100 ‘Family’ & ‘Come Together’ Discounts

more information in the registration form.

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Price Includes

  • 4 days of teachings, 1 day of guided integration
  • Access to sauna & hot tub.
  • Beautiful private location immersed in nature.
  • All meals. Healthy vegetarian breakfast, lunch, dinner, water, tea and snacks (breakfast first day & dinner last day are not included). Other diet requirements please get in touch.
  • Accommodation for 5 nights in beautiful renovated traditional Irish cottages

Price Does Not Include

  • Visa, insurance & transport

Assistant Tickets

We have a limited number of assistant tickets available with the possibility of a reduced price.

Payment Plans

We also offer payment plans so you can spread the cost with an extra fee.

For questions, contact

Venus (Dayna Pender)

Whatsapp: +52 958 111 1300

Phone: +353 83 412 8702

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To ensure a safe and supportive environment for all participants, we have limited the group size for this training. This allows us to provide ample care and support during any intense processes.

We encourage you to complete the registration form and submit the deposit payment at your earliest convenience, as spaces are limited.

Should you have any questions or require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

To secure your place, please follow the registration process:

1. Fill In The Registration Form

Please complete the registration form below. Provide accurate and thorough information to help us understand your intentions and suitability for the training.

2. Payment

Along with the registration form, a deposit of £450 or €500 or the full fee is required. Payment details can be found on the form itself. The deposit is refundable if your application is not accepted. Otherwise is non-refundable.

3. Application Review

Once we receive both your completed registration form and the deposit payment, our team will carefully review your application. We will assess your alignment with and readiness for the training based on the information provided.

4. Confirmation Email

If we feel that you are aligned with and ready for the training, the email will confirm your acceptance. In the event that we determine the training may not be the best fit for you at this time, we will let you know.

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if it’s more convenient for you, please use this external link

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1. Deposit

The deposit is non-refundable. Once paid, it secures your place and covers costs.

2. Full Balance

The full balance of payment is due 1st of July. Please ensure that the remaining amount is settled by this deadline. No refunds after balance due date for cancellations or non-attendance.

We understand that unexpected circumstances may arise, but please note that our policy is designed to ensure fairness to all participants and to support the logistical planning of the training.

3. Cancellation Policy

Till 1st of July refund minus non-refundable deposit.

After this date, you have the option to transfer your credit

to the next event.

Payment &

Cancellation Policy





whatsapp: +52 958 111 1300

telegram: +353 83 412 8702

Phone: +353 83 412 8702